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Bali Subscription Management

Making it easier to manage online subscriptions.


Bali was a project that emerged from Microsoft Research. It aimed to solve the way personal data is used in society – a vault for your personal data, enabling you to aggregate your data from multiple organizations and use it to your benefit. This project is a feature within the broader Bali application.

Challenges and opportunities

With so many subscription services out there, it’s hard to keep track of it all. Subscriptions, memberships, points plans, and trials have to be managed individually, making it difficult to see the big picture, understand what we’re spending, and manage the details.


Our team imagined a holistic subscription management service within Bali that would provide a complete view of a user’s subscriptions and make it easy to manage everything in one place.

My role

  • Strategized user and feature benefits.
  • Conceived end-to-end fundamentals of the feature.
  • Led collaborative brainstorms to flesh out details and functionality.
  • Designed mockups, developed user flows, and created presentation materials.
  • Presented concepts to cross-discipline stakeholders.

Activity feed suggestions

Bali suggests subscriptions based on email or bank data.

Discovered subscriptions

The user can connect one or all the suggested subscriptions to Bali.

Subscription summary

Provides an at a glance view of the subscription

Viewing all subscriptions

Helps keep track of all subscription services


Bali helps see the big picture


Activity feed notifications help keep the user in control