Brian Levy

UX, UI, Interaction, & Graphic Design

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Azure Support Center

Helping support engineers solve support requests.


Azure Support Center is the internal Microsoft portal used by customer support engineers to identify, diagnose, and solve customer support requests. The site provides dynamic troubleshooting insights, diagnostic tools, and up to the minute views into every resource in a customer’s Azure subscription.

As the lead designer, I was responsible for all aspects of the user experience design. I partnered with program management to conduct user research and to translate project requirements into user flows, wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes. I worked closely with the development team to understand the technical requirements and constraints and to ensure final implementation aligned with design specifications.


Some of the outcomes as a result of the continued improvements over the time period that I worked on this project.

  • Portal use increased 40% year over year and is used in 63% of all Azure technical support cases.
  • When support engineers are asked about their satisfaction with ASC, 50% gave a 5-star rating and 75% gave either 4 or 5 stars.
  • 75% of the feedback on diagnostic insights is positive with engineers indicating it was helpful to solve the case.

My role

  • End to end design from user flow to final mockups.
  • Designed new features and functionality within existing product.
  • Evolved and refined existing visual design language and patterns.

Support case overview

The case overview shows the support engineer the high-level details of the support case. It is also the starting point for an engineer to identify and solve the customer support issue.