When Azure Support Engineers are troubleshooting a customer issue, it can often involve time consuming and inefficient manual processes involving multiple different tools to retrieve data, analyze it, and recommend next steps to resolve an issue.


The Azure Support Diagnostics Platform automates this work saving engineers significant time that it would ordinarily take to manually collect and analyze this data for every case.

The Diagnostics Platform provides engineers with a simple, checklist-style view to easily show which steps of a diagnostic workflow have been completed and displays the relevant findings with links to the actual tools/data used for each step.  The engineer can review the results from any completed steps and rerun an entire diagnostic or any sub-tests if necessary.

My role:

  • User flow
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Screenshot of first run experience
    First run
  • Screenshot of configuring diagnostic parameters
    Configuring diagnostic parameters
  • Screenshot of diagnostics running
    Diagnostics running
  • Screenshot of diagnostics completed
    Diagnostics completed